Capital Fund Raising

Capital fundraising can be nerve wrecking if one does not have the know-how and you have to juggle your time between the business operations and seeking capital. We will help you to manage your time so that you could focus on the business operations. Capital Fundraising is usually conducted to raise major sums for a building or endowment, and generally keep such funds separate from operating funds.

Are you a startup or seasoned entrepreneur? At Geneva Capital Group, we could help you to structure your business plan and pitch to the investors. We also assist in Capital Raising for project developers, from Property Development, Fintech, Healthcare and more.
At Geneva Capital, we always think out of the box for the clients and we hope to achieve the best for you. Talk to us today so that we could assist you further.

Corporate Advisory

At Geneva Capital, we offer Corporate Advisory on solutions for public and private companies, corporations, financial institutions and government clients.
Our scope of services are not limited to Company incorporation, Company formation, Tax planning and advisory.
We also offer sound and unbiased advice to businesses looking to expand, merge, restructure, exit or succession planning.

We can help to resolve crisis and disputes between the businesses and their clients.

Debt Financing

Debt funding is one of the choices for business owners who are hunting for small loans or capital to finance their companies. Unlike equity financing in which investors acquire equity stakes in the ongoing company, debt financing assists business owners in keeping full control over their company and the profits it earns, if any. In debt financing, you borrow money and accept the obligation to repay in a set period at a specified interest rate. You must repay the loan whether or not your venture is successful. In comparison with equity financing, debt financing is much less costly if your company happens to succeed, but far higher more pricey if it more likely fails.

The principal source of debt funding for most business owners is a group of their relatives and friends. However, for a high-growth or capital intensive business, money loaned from personal sources doesn’t always do the trick. Banks and finance companies can fill this gap. In recent years, banks have seen intense interest in their loan offerings for start-ups. Most finance loan companies and banks offer services and products that have been crafted to fulfil the needs of small businesses. These include factoring loans, working capital loans, purchase loans and more.

Equity financing

What is Equity Financing?
Equity Financing refers to the raising of funds through the sale of shares of a business. It primarily refers to the exchange of an ownership interest in a business for an injection of capital.

Equity financing essentially consists of activities that range from raising a few thousand dollars from familiar people, to initial public offerings (IPO) that could involve millions of dollars.
How Equity Funding Works?
When a company grows and expands, there will always be a need for additional funds, which can be raised through either debt financing or equity financing.

With equity financing, capital is raised by selling company shares to investors. There are no repayment schedules to adhere to, and there is a high chance of getting into partnership with influential investors.

A valuation of the company to begin the process is done to set an estimate of what the company is worth at that point in time.

Talk to us today to see how we could assist you in your company’s equity financing.


If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner in Singapore who has started looking into funding options then you can opt to finance your business through different financial vehicles. We are always here to talk to you so that you know what is the best for your business at the present moment.

Family office

Geneva Capital offers full suite of services to families and high net worth individuals for the holding and consolidation of their assets, to protect and for the legacy planning to the next generations,

Our scope spans from offering budgeting, insurance, charitable giving, family-owned business, wealth transfer, tax services and more.

Alternative Funding

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the sustainability of startups and other companies around the world. Companies especially with less than 3 years of operations are faced with various challenges tapping into funding facilities as banks will prioritise existing and robust customers with track records. As such, an alternative avenue for funding and financing is necessary for them.
In response to this, Geneva Capital has partnered with several Family Offices, Private Equity Funds to help entrepreneurs tide the economic challenges & provide cash flow relief for micro, small & medium enterprises and more. Geneva Capital will offer priority assessment to all applicants by screening your eligibility before submitting them to the selected funders.
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